Domain Name:

The Process
  • By purchasing you agree that you do not own the domain, you will only use it for legal products/services, you will not allow sending of unsolicited commercial email (spam) with it, will not do anything to bring the domain name in disrepute, you are responsible for the domain name use and that you will be paying monthly for this use.
  • Register your details on our site and providing detail of DNS entries. Typically this will be A Records, MX Records and CNAME records – as your Web Host for details.
  • For security reason we do not move the Name servers.

Domain Ownership

  • You will not own the domain and have no rights other than those provided by the rental agreement  – which is to use it for hosting a website and email purposes.
  • To clarify you are bidding for use of the domain name on a rental basis – you will not own the domain name. 
  • You charged this amount on a monthly basis. 

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